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New far-right – the boy next door


n the wake of the Oslo bomb attack and massacre on Utøya island, attention is focused on far-right extremist groups proliferating on the web. But their members have little in common with traditional neo-nazis and extremist conservative movements.

Nordisk, an online forum for Nordic extremists, which Anders Breivik was once a member of, recently had some 22,000 members from all Nordic countries. Although of all Scandinavian extremists the Norwegians are least numerous (also in internet terms), Norwegian police warned in a February report of their ever more intense ties with their Swedish counterparts as well as with far-right movements in Russia (mainly St. Petersburg neo-Nazis).
The Nordic extremists have no common structure, but according to the Europol, international connections between extremist groups have been ever closer, with ties initiated on the internet developed further during music concerts of “white power” bands propagating the philosophy of white racial supremacy.
“What we are watching is 21st-century fundamentalism, rebelling against hateful modernity, defending an identity based on the Christian cross, Germanic blood ties, the cult of the Scandinavian god of war, Odin, and the heroic sagas of the Nibelungen”, says Ugo Maria Tassinari, an Italian expert on far-right extremism 

Il testo completo in inglese (l'originale è in polacco) è leggibile sul sito di presseurope. Qui, invece, la traduzione italiana.

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