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Interessante botta e risposta intorno al sottoscritto in un forum in lingua inglese:

davenpdxInteresting topic. My knowledge on this matter is rather limited, especially as I don't have good Italian. I'm wondering what sort of debunking Ugo Maria Tassinari has done, would you explain briefly in a sentence or two? I did a search and ran some stuff through Google Translate, he seems to be on the radical-/far- Right and particularly hostile towards antifa, is that a fair characterization?

tini_toveUgo Maria Tassinari is a communist journalist who has been focussing is work on far right/neo-fascism, maniacally reconstructing facts and accessing to an enormous amount of documentation.
His books fascisteria, guerrieri and naufraghi are the most in depths works on the subject ever released in Italy, making substantial differences between the different waves and movements that were not working as a whole.
His grudges with -some- antifas is due to the fact that his research method included talking with fascism which in Italy is seen as a capital sin.

Esatto, tini_tove, esatto.

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